lazy Saturday broccoli cream soup

There are Winter days when the snow looks best when you look at it through the window on the sofa, under the blanket, with a mug of hot soup. This Saturday is one of these days, even though it’s quite sunny, when you hear the wind blowing outside the only thing you want is to grab yourself a blanket, fluffy pillow and wait until Spring comes. In combination with Saturday slack, only lazy broccoli cream can come out of it. You simply put everything in a pot, cook for a while it and blend. And suddenly after a portion of hot broccoli cream you seem to feel more vigorous, maybe enough to have a walk?

Use whole broccoli to make this soup. Stem are also edible (other edible parts of veggies that you usually put to bin), they contain quite a lot of fiber, so your soup will be more fulfilling. This recipe is keto friendly and adjustable. Using veggie broth you can make it vegetarian or vegan if you add coconut cream or coconut milk instead of double cream. As a base I used as usual beef bone broth, but if you like chicken broth it will be great as well. I wouldn’t recommend making this soup with just water, because it will be slightly tasteless and much less nutritious and fulfilling.

I added some turmeric for extra colour and anti inflammatory properties. I add turmeric to a lot of my soups, it’s warming up the taste and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is beneficial if you have problems with: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, gallstones or irregular menstruation. Although should be avoided during pregnancy. Turmeric stimulates our blood flow, boost circulation, if you feel freezing in the morning during these winter days, have a look at my turmeric latte winter blend recipe. I drink it almost every morning – it’s very warming and helps my body to “start working” even better than coffee 🙂

And this soup is as easy as it can be – just pop all the ingredients to a pot, cook, blend and add cream. Nothing more. Or if you’re less lazy you can make some croutons or top the cream with grated cheddar or parmesan for extra fat and flavour.

lazy Saturday broccoli cream soup


  • 700g broccoli
  • 1½ – 2 l beef bone broth or chicken or veggie broth
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • double cream to taste (for vegan option use coconut cream or coconut milk)
  • natural rock salt and pepper to taste


Preparations are as easy as they can be. Simply thoroughly rinse your broccoli. Cut in smaller pieces, keeping the stem – it’s edible and will give some more texture to your soup. Boil the broccoli in the broth until tender with the addition of turmeric, salt and pepper. Blend the soup until creamy and smooth. If necessary, add more salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with cream, topped with addition of you choice: croutons, grated cheddar or parmesan cheese.

turmeric latte – winter blend

You can easily buy ready made blend of turmeric latte, and that’s how I started. But it’s more expensive and less fun, than when you make your own mix. I enjoy making my own blend, I can add as many ingredients as I want, in proportions I like the most. And I love this winter flavor latte. Most often I make hot bulletproof latte for myself, and a smoothie for my partner, that he can take to work.

According to ayurvedic medicine that is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda treats the body as a whole, not just the bunch of organs or systems that are not connected with each other. So in ayurvedic theory of disease, poor digestion is actually the root cause of most disorders. When the food we eat is not digested properly, and the by-product of poor digestion, builds up in the body, clogging the microchannels of the body. Not only does this further block the efficient flow of nutrients to the different parts of the body, weakening the immune system, but also make a good ground for bacteria and diseases.

That’s where the spices helps to make the magic. They not only helps to digest the food, but also to get rid of this unwanted by-product of metabolism. Turmeric, ginger and cinnamon helps to clean your body. Cloves are known to have antiseptic properties (and their smell is often associated with the dentist – oh I know something about it, mixing eugenol everyday for two years). But as with every natural remedies it need to be taken systematically, so they can work gently and gradually.

If you’ve never tried turmeric latte, I highly recommend it. It has a specific taste, but if you’ll like it you’ll love it 😉


turmeric latte – winter blend

INGREDIENTS (descending):

  • turmeric
  • cinnamon
  • desiccated coconut
  • cloves
  • ginger


Proportions: Turmeric is your base, so it’s going to be your main ingredient. All depends how much of the blend you want to make. If you only want to try whether you will like it, one full teaspoon will be enough. I add one heaped teaspoon of blend for one cup of latte.

If you want to make a bigger batch, you’ll need a lot more. Add the rest of spices in proportions you like the most. I add quite a lot of cinnamon, because I like it’s sweet, warm and slightly spicy flavor. Coconut is for extra fat and flavor. You can grind it in a coffee grinder, to get more powdery consistency, but I don’t mind bits of coconut in my latte. Cloves gives a wonderful sweetness and aroma. And finally spicy ginger, but not too much, that’s why I add only a little bit.

You can use this blend to make a latte, smoothie or add to your morning porridge (if you eat porridge, ugh… I miss my morning porridge).