• kohlrabi salad with mustard dressing & nuts

    kohlrabi salad with mustard dressing & nuts

    I got these beautiful kohlrabi in my veggie box subscription from Berwick Wood Produce and usually I would just eat them like an apple, but then I would be left with bunch of leaves. As we already know kohlrabi leaves are edible. If you didn’t know, please go and check out this post about all […]

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  • egg, cheese and onion stuffed mushrooms

    egg, cheese and onion stuffed mushrooms

    Using leftovers from your kitchen it’s a great opportunity to step out of the box and use some ingredients in a different way than usually. I had three large flat mushrooms and hard boiled eggs that I cooked for a salad that I didn’t make. I was also baking something else and had a bit […]

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  • two ingredients keto pancakes

    two ingredients keto pancakes

    Another Summer comfort food recipe. Scotland is not the hottest place in the world and to be honest I don’t feel like there’s a place for typical Summer staples – all the meals and drinks that supposed to cool you down a bit and soothe the warmed by the sun body and mind. I would […]

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  • sunchoke (topinambur) & apple salad with smoked mackerel

    sunchoke (topinambur) & apple salad with smoked mackerel

    When I found these two small unusual looking tubers in my veggie box subscribtion I had completely no idea what are they and how to prepare them. Quick investigation (thanks google) and came out that my mysterious veggies are sunchokes. Also called: topinambur or sunroot, Jerusalem artichoke, earth apple or wild sunflower – depending on […]

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  • chocolate dumplings with apricots

    chocolate dumplings with apricots

    As I probably mentioned before lately we don’t eat a lot of meat, maybe once or twice a week. It’s quite challenging because for last two years we’ve been eating mostly meat, fish and lots of low carb veggies. But recently we were a bit fed up with meat and decided to try incorporate plenty […]

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  • summer roulade with prosciutto (#ketofriendly)

    summer roulade with prosciutto (#ketofriendly)

    After couple weeks of absence that was a mix of several different factors (including having way too much on my plate) I’m coming back, hopefully with more then only one recipe. This time it’s keto friendly Summer roulade made with lots of green stuff and prosciutto. Seems complicated but in fact is very easy to […]

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