• cherry tomato shakshuka

    cherry tomato shakshuka

    When the colder weather starts I’ve noticed that I less likely choose a salad for my breakfast or lunch. Even though I still love a good salad, my body craves for something warm. I tend to eat more oat porridge or muesli with lots of seeds and nuts and hot coconut milk – that’s the […]

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  • have you tried kombucha – fermented tea yet?

    have you tried kombucha – fermented tea yet?

    I remember exactly when we first tried kombucha. Early Spring this year I bought a bottle of kombucha from the store when it was on offer – just to try if we like the flavour. And we really enjoyed it. Not too sweet, just slightly fizzy and very refreshing. It was good enough for my […]

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  • sweet potato soup

    sweet potato soup

    Why I have never tried this soup before I have no clue. I was looking for a dinner idea and one day my co-worker had said she’s going to make a sweet potato soup. I thought it’s perfect and made the soup myself on the same day. It was such a mistake. Why I haven’t […]

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  • what to do with leek easy and quick?

    what to do with leek easy and quick?

    Harvesting season starts for leeks somewhere around September. I feel like leeks are often a bit underestimate as a veg. Most of it is used as an addition to the soups and stews, not really often served fresh and raw. Maybe it’s because its onion-like taste and a bit hard texture. But in my opinion […]

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  • end of Summer treat – rustic plum cake

    end of Summer treat – rustic plum cake

    I don’t know how about you but I’m still not ready for Autumn. Summer spoiled us here in Scotland this year, with really hot, dry and sunny days. Even now – first days of September, although cloudy and rainy, but still very warm and humid with temperatures around 15°C at night. Which is very unusual, […]

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  • How to cook, when energy prices are going mad? Small steps to save up on energy.

    How to cook, when energy prices are going mad? Small steps to save up on energy.

    Summer, however unusually generous this year, must end at some point, hopefully somewhere towards the end of September (if we’re lucky enough). To my surprise, Autumn is usually so awaited by the British. Celebrated with colourful lights, pumpkin decorations and warm jumpers. They seem to love long dark Autumn evenings, making themselves cosy in front […]

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