• Homemade kombucha vs store bought

    Homemade kombucha vs store bought

    Fermented foods and beverages were always very popular in Asia and eastern Europe, usually recognised by Western countries as not edible. The reason for popularity of homemade fermented beverages is not only caused by poverty, but also by the lack of access to beverages produced and sold in the western countries. Story of kombucha is…

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  • pork & wild mushrooms stuffed filo pie

    pork & wild mushrooms stuffed filo pie

    This recipe is actually a mix of my idea, filo pie photos I’ve seen couple times on Instagram and leftover of mushroom sauce. And it’s a kind of pie but not really. I tried the pie version I’ve seen on IG – rolled and twisted but it didn’t really work (I should say it didn’t…

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  • smoked salmon & broccoli quiche inspired by Davina McCall’s recipe

    smoked salmon & broccoli quiche inspired by Davina McCall’s recipe

    Last couple months we honestly cannot decide what diet we want to follow. Subconsciously we would like to come back to ketogenic eating because we simply felt great on it. But on the other hand having variety of pasta, rice and potato dishes, occasionally take aways or simple porridge to grab for your breakfast to…

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  • how to make homemade kombucha – recipe & tips

    how to make homemade kombucha – recipe & tips

    From my previous post about kombucha you could you found out what kombucha is, how it’s made and what are the potential benefits from drinking kombucha on the regular basis. In this post I will tell you how I make my kombucha, along with all my experiences from last six months of making it. I’m…

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  • cherry tomato shakshuka

    cherry tomato shakshuka

    When the colder weather starts I’ve noticed that I less likely choose a salad for my breakfast or lunch. Even though I still love a good salad, my body craves for something warm. I tend to eat more oat porridge or muesli with lots of seeds and nuts and hot coconut milk – that’s the…

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  • what’s kombucha? health benefits and potential risks

    what’s kombucha? health benefits and potential risks

    I remember exactly when we first tried kombucha. Early Spring this year I bought a bottle of kombucha from the store when it was on offer – just to try if we like the flavour. And we really enjoyed it. Not too sweet, just slightly fizzy and very refreshing. It was good enough for my…

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