no egg raspberry tiramisu #lowcarb #glutenfree #ketofriendly

I could not resist to try prepare this dessert in keto option. Tiramisu has always been one of my favorite desserts, and this raspberry version is as delicious and traditional one. Traditional tiramisu is made with egg yolks, this version is much easier to make. I’ve tried to cut the carbs as much as I could, to make it as keto friendly as possible. I’ve skipped one layer of gluten free biscuits, and added a layer of cacao nibs instead. You can also crush some 95% cacao chocolate and use is as a layer. If you don’t mind the carbs so much, you can make two layers of gluten free biscuits.

Important thing – don’t fool yourself that it’s going to taste exactly the same as regular tiramisu made with sugar and amaretto. Because it won’t, but it’s definitely a better choice if you’re on diet, but you don’t want to restrict yourself from eating anything that’s considered as sweets. C’mon we’re only humans, and we should have a right to enjoy the things we like. So you don’t need to feel guilty if once for a week you’ll have keto appropriate tiramisu 😉 Because as Merry Berry said: Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice.

So enjoy your portion of raspberry tiramisu like it’s the last portion you’ll ever eat. Taste each spoon with pleasure. Notice how cream is soften in your mouth. Spot the bitterness of cacao nibs, sweetness of raspberries with every chunk. A bit sharp taste of alcohol mixed with coffee, and when all these tastes are melting together in your mouth. Take your time, and don’t rush yourself.

I can guarantee you, that if you pay attention to the process of eating, you won’t need to eat a lot to feel full. Especially that with this amount of ingredients, you’ll get quite a big portion, so don’t forget to share with your family, or give some to your neighbor – I’m sure they will be happy with such a yummy gift 🙂



no egg raspberry tiramisu #lowcarb #glutenfree #ketofriendly


· 250 g full fat mascarpone cheese
· 500 ml whipping cream
· sweetener of your choice: erythritol, stevia, xylitol or monk fruit
· 250 g raspberries
· any gluten free biscuits of your choice
· 100ml strong coffee (I’ve used 4 tsp of instant coffee)
· low carb alcohol like martini (9.8g carbs in 100ml) or no carbs whisky
· a little bit of cacao
· optional: handful of cacao nibs or crushed 95% cacao chocolate


Prepare coffee first by dissolving 4 tsp of instant coffee in 100ml of hot water (you can also use espresso if you have a coffee machine). Let it to cool, then add alcohol of your choice. The amount is your choice – you can do 100ml of coffee and 50ml of alcohol, but feel free to add a bit more or a bit less. But be careful, so the alcohol won’t dominate gentle taste of tiramisu.

Whip the cream, at the end add sweetener of your choice, spoon by spoon up to the moment you feel it’s enough. On keto your levels of sugar taste are different than other people, at least I’ve noticed that even the low sugar sweets are very sweet for me.

When your whipped cream is ready add mascarpone and whip it again, until you get a smooth, creamy texture. Divide the mixture in two equal parts. Leave one half plain, add about 3 small handfuls of raspberries to the other half, and mix using hand mixer.

Dip your biscuits in coffee and alcohol mixture and place them on the bottom of the dish. Make a layer of cacao using a sieve, then spread the raspberry cream. Instead of another layer of biscuits I’ve put a layer of cacao nibs, but if you want you can skip the nibs and put another layer of soaked biscuits. Next is the plain layer of cream and mascarpone mix. Spread it evenly and arrange the rest of raspberries on top.

Tiramisu is ready, now you only need to be patient and wait 3-4 hours for it to set in the fridge. Which is not very easy 😉 I sprinkled my tiramisu with tiny bit of powdered sugar, just for purposes of the photo.

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